An Update on Pending Legislation at the State House regarding PUBLIC SCHOOL FUNDING
From Katie Costa, parent

Did you know that in 2015 the Foundation Budget Review Committee determined that our public PreK -12 schools are underfunded by more than $1 billion dollars? This is because the calculation used to determine funding (Chapter 70) is outdated and does not accurately take into consideration modern health care costs, special education, and ELL costs, and money lost to charter schools. It does not adequately support districts with high numbers of low-income students. Before the current state legislature is The PROMISE ACT, designed to implement a new funding formula and thus increase funding in districts in the most need, with the fewest resources. Here in Leverett we are facing a very difficult school budget situation. In order to maintain level services from this year to the next, we are facing a deficit of approximately $150K. According to the Commission report of 2015, our district is underfunded by approximately $80K. Implementing the PROMISE ACT legislation would prevent many of the cuts to services we are now forced to consider. With a more accurate funding formula as proposed in the PROMISE ACT, our district would be much better positioned to meet the educational needs of our students. Can you imagine how different our town budget discussion would be if the school was received funding more in line with the actual expense of providing services?

You can read more about the PROMISE ACT here. You can also use their interactive map to see how the new funding formula will benefit various school districts throughout the state.

On March 22, 2019 the state house and senate leadership will be deliberating on the PROMISE ACT. This will likely be one of many hearings and deliberations. They want to hear from the public! I encourage all interested in supporting an updated funding formula, and thus more funding for public education, to write a LETTER OF SUPPORT. Letters can be dropped off at the school or town hall by Thursday March 21, 3pm to be carried to the state house hearing on the 22nd. Below is a sample letter you can use!

You can also write an email that says: "I support the Promise Act!" or make a call with your support. Do you have a story about how public education was important to you or your family? They want to hear it!

Jo Comerford who represents Hampshire, Franklin and Worcester County is strong supporter of public education and would be happy to receive any messages in support of the acts which she can bring to the deliberations. Even if you aren't in her district, she can receive your input! Email her directly at

Thank you for voicing your support for public school education!

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