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In honor of World Peace Day, our students participated in a Peace Day Celebration this week at LES.  The celebration included preschoolers and kindergarteners singing and leading us in the song, Peace Like a River (with hand signals), making paper pinwheels, sharing our wishes for peace, singing a peace song in four languages, and participating in a whole school "Love Train."    Our beloved art teacher, Karie Neal, also worked with students to write a poem about Peace.  In the words of LES students... 

Thoughts of Peace By LES Students

World peace

Creation, no war, freedom

Brightness, colorful

Having fun with your friends and family

Being calm, reading, napping, resting and listening to music.

Doing yoga, meditating

Going to look at nature, taking a hike through the woods,

Watching the river flow, listening to crickets

Not littering or driving cars too much. 

Respecting nature by growing plants, instead of chopping down trees.

Enriching the earth

Being thoughtful of other people and yourself

Being nice to others, animals and insects

Respecting each other

When someone is hurt, be helpful and see if they are ok.

Cheering people up when they are sad.

Standing up for yourself and others

Instead of a frown, the world has a smile.

                Book Character Day 2019


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