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Field Day 2016


Times are approximate and may need some adjusting during the first few days of school.  

Please be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the listed time in the morning.


BUS 26 a.m.

7:4938 Depot Road

7:5465 Amherst Road

7:5667 Juggler Meadow Road

7:5763 Juggler Meadow Road

7:5851 Juggler Meadow Road

8:0533 Long Plain Road

8:06Juggler Meadow/Long Plain

8:0769 Long Plain Road

8:0873 Long Plain Road

8:0995 Long Plain Road

8:10110 Long Plain Road

8:12154B Long Plain Road

8:13189 Long Plain Road

8:14257 Long Plain Road

8:15264 Long Plain Road

8:16311 Long Plain Road

8:18412 Long Plain Road

8:19425 Long plain Road

8:20436 Long Plain Road

8:23231 Montague Road

8:24Rattlesnake Gutter Rd/  Montague Road

8:26148 Montague Rd

8:30Leverett Elementary


BUS 26 p.m.

3:10 Leverett Elementary 

3:12148 Montague Road

3:13Rattlesnake Gutter Rd/  Montague Road 

3:14231 Montague Road

3:17436 Long Plain Road

3:18425 Long Plain Road

3:19412 Long Plain Road

3:21311 Long Plain Road

3:22264 Long Plain Road

3:23257 Long Plain Road

3:24189 Long Plain Road

3:25154B Long Plain Road

3:26110 Long Plain Road

3:2795 Long Plain Road

3:2873 Long Plain Road

3:2969 Long Plain Road

3:30Long Plain /Juggler Meadow

3:3133 Long Plain Road

3:3551 Juggler Meadow Road

3:3663 Juggler Meadow Road

3:3767 Juggler Meadow Road

3:3965 Amherst Road

3:42 Long Hill/Depot Road

3:4438 Depot Road



BUS 28 a.m.

7:5011 Amherst Road

7:555 Still Corner Road

8:07230 Pratt Corner Road

8:07220 Pratt Corner Road

8:08206 Pratt Corner Road

8:08180 Pratt Corner Road

8:13285 Shutesbury Road

8:14Number Six/Shutesbury 

8:14Old Mountain/Shutesbury 

8:18118 Shutesbury Road

8:1993 Shutesbury Road

8:2129 Shutesbury Road

8:26Long Hill Rd/ Depot Rd

8:2718 Montague Road

8:2830/31 Montague Road

8:30Leverett Elementary School



BUS 28 p.m.

3:10Leverett Elementary School

3:1130/31 Montague Road

3:1218 Montague Road

3:14Long Hill Rd/ Depot Rd 

3:1529 Shutesbury Road

3:1993 Shutesbury Road

3:20118 Shutesbury Road

3:21 Old Mountain/Shutesbury

3:21Number Six/Shutesbury

3:24285 Shutebury Road

3:30180 Pratt Corner Road

3:32206 Pratt Corner Road

3:32220 Pratt Corner Road

3:33230 Pratt Corner Road

3:39Still Corner Road

3:4611 Amherst Road



















BUS 29 a.m.

7:50379 North Leverett Road

7:54North Leverett/Sprinkle 

7:59Hannah Dudley Rd/Dudleyville Rd

8:03220 North Leverett Road

8:03218 North Leverett Road

8:05North Leveret/Richardson

8:07North Leverett/Chestnut Hill

8:0754 North Leverett Road

8:08No. Leverett/Hannahbrooke

8:11156 Cave Hill Road

8:11150 Cave Hill Road

8:1315 Hemenway Road

8:1320 Hemenway Road

8:1544 Hemenway Road

8:1660 Hemenway Road

8:1787 Hemenway Road

8:1893 Hemenway Road

8:1997 Cave Hill Road

8:2045 Cave Hill Road

8:30Leverett Elementary



BUS 29 p.m.

3:10 Leverett Elementary

3:1245 Cave Hill Road

3:1397 Cave Hill Road

3:1515 Hemenway

3:1620 Hemenway Road

3:1644 Hemenway Road

3:1760 Hemenway Road

3:1987 Hemenway Road

3:1693/95 Hemenway Road

3:21150 Cave Hill Road

3:21156 Cave Hill Road

3:23No. Leverett/Chestnut Hill

3:2454 North Leverett Road

3:25 No. Leverett/ Hannahbrooke

3:31North Leverett/Richardson

3:33218 North Leverett Road

3:33220 North Leverett Road

3:39Hannah Dudley Rd/ Dudleyville Rd

3:42North Leverett/Sprinkle

3:44379 North Leverett Road



  August 2016  
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