EEAJ Preschool/Kindergarten Bus Route Policy




1.  All Preschool and Kindergarten students are entitled to ride the school bus.  Normally, preschoolers are brought to and from school by their parents/guardians.  Although it is not encouraged, preschoolers who are four years old may ride the school bus, particularly if they have an older sibling who also rides the bus.  Permission for preschoolers to ride the bus is given by the principal.  Parents/guardians should write a letter asking for permission for their child to ride the bus and submit it to the principal.  Once the principal has granted permission, the child may begin to ride the bus.

2.. Preschool and Kindergarten students will be picked up at the door of their home and returned directly to the door of their home except when any one of the following conditions exist:

  1. When a preschool or kindergarten student lives on a private road. (See Policy EEA)

  2. When the road the preschool or kindergarten student lives on is inadequate for a Class I school bus.The suitability of a road for a Class 1 school bus will be determined by the bus company in consultation with the principal and/or town highway officials.

3. Bus drivers are not allowed to leave Preschool or Kindergarten children at their home/bus stop unless a parent/guardian or older sibling is there.  If no one is at the bus stop to meet a Preschooler or Kindergartener, the bus driver will return the child to school unless prior arrangements have been made in writing and submitted to the Principal.

ADOPTED: 1-7-77

REVISED: 4-1-82

(Retyped 8/26/87)

(ws5 A:13545.487)/vlv

Approved at Policy Committee meeting: 10-6-14

LSC Approved: 11-03-14