New In the Lunch Room

August 2017

Leverett Elementary School Breakfast and Lunch Program

Molly Snedden, Food Service Director


Welcome back to another school year!  My assistant Tab McLellan and I are looking forward to getting back into the LES kitchen.  We are very proud of our school food program and appreciate you letting us feed your children.  


Ongoing Highlights!

Massachusetts Farm to School Harvest of the Month Club! This year as official participants we will feature a different locally-grown food each month on the school lunch menu. Harvest of the Month is a great opportunity to celebrate local abundance and experiment with new foods and recipes.  September’s Harvest of the Month is tomatoes!


Our school website. Our website comes with some great opportunities for me to show off our program.  Check in for monthly menus, breakfast menus, photos of food, updates on what local foods we are serving, and other school lunch miscellany.


Try It Tuesday.  This is a fun way to occasionally introduce new menu items and try new things.  Last year we introduced pulled pork grinders and falafel sandwiches on Try It Tuesday and it was a success.  Now these items are on the menu in a monthly rotation.  If you or your child have an idea for Try It Tuesday, please let me know.  


Breakfast, simplified. Breakfast this year will consist of several cold cereal options, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, fruit and milk.  


What’s on the Menu?

Lunch choices include hot lunch or vegetarian hot lunch, cold sandwich or salad bowl. All lunches include the offer of an additional fruit and vegetable option, access to the full salad bar, and milk.  Students may decline any of the options, but must choose a minimum of three full servings for a complete meal.  A salad bowl includes lettuce, a full serving of vegetables, 2 oz protein, and a whole-grain choice.  Students who choose the salad bowl can select additional fruits, vegetables and/or milk for a complete meal. Salad dressings include ranch and a variety of house-made dressings.


The salad bar is stocked daily with a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Whenever possible I try to source locally grown produce.  Our school greenhouse does a great job supplying lettuce, salad greens and other vegetables for the lunch program as well.   


Children will be asked daily in their classrooms which lunch option they want (hot lunch, vegetarian hot lunch, cold sandwich, or salad bowl).  They can also sign up for snack milk or milk to complement a home lunch.  Everyone is welcome to come to breakfast.  Students come to breakfast directly off of the bus, then proceed to class after eating.


A small homemade dessert will be offered on Wednesdays during lunch.  Fridays are homemade pizza day, and breakfast for lunch will be offered once or twice a month.


The lunch menu for the following week is published in the Friday Post.  You can find this information as well as a monthly menu and the breakfast menu on the school website.  The breakfast menu is a fixed menu, while the lunch menus change week to week.  


How much does it cost?

Breakfast: $1.25 per day/ $0.30 reduced

Lunch: $2.75 per day/ $0.40 reduced

Milk, for home lunch or snack: $0.50 each


Free and Reduced Meals Applications

LES participates in the Federal School Meals Program which offers free and reduced meals to eligible families.  If you may be eligible, please fill out and submit this year’s application as soon as possible.  Please note that this information is not shared between schools.  


Student Accounts/ Paying for Meals

All meals and milk purchases must be paid for in advance.  Each child has an individual account that is debited after they have received their meal and/or milk.  As per the LES Handbook, the school is unable to extend credit for purchases.  


Payments may be made weekly ($13.75), monthly ($55.00), or in a lump sum for the year ($495.00).  Payment options include:

Checks: Checks should be made payable to Leverett Elementary School.  

Cash: Please put cash in a sealed envelope, include the payment form, or write the amount on the envelope.  

Online: Through the town website Click on “online payments” and then “school lunch”.


Please do feel free to contact me with any questions about your child’s account.  


Money is collected in the classroom and sent down to the cafeteria.  Payments can also be made directly to me or Kate Rice.  If your child forgets his or her home lunch, school lunch will be provided and money debited from your child’s account.  The fastest way for me to communicate with you about your child’s account is to send a quick email.  I will try to contact you with a “Low Account Alert” when your child’s account reaches $5.50, or the equivalent of 2 meals, to let you know it is time to send more money.  



Many of the classrooms have a midmorning snack.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will provide information about the snack routine for that class.  Snacks should be provided from home.  The cafeteria does not supply snacks. Snack milk can be purchased for $0.50, and is not part of the Free and Reduced Program.  As with the breakfast and lunch program, snack milk must be paid for in advance.


Allergies and Food Intolerances:

In accordance with state regulations, medical documentation is required for food allergies or intolerances that require dietary modifications or substitutions.  Documentation should be submitted to Nurse Annie and must include; identification of the medical or dietary condition, food or foods to be omitted, and choice of foods to be substituted.


Come to Lunch!

You are welcome to join your child anytime for lunch.  If you would like to purchase lunch (adult price $4) please contact me in advance.  


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns about school food at LES, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  I can be reached by phone (413) 548-9144 x 4, by email, or in the cafeteria or my office during the school day.  


Enjoy the rest of the summer, and we’ll see you in a few weeks!


Basil and Swiss Chard
September 12, 2014

Despite a very humid heat wave and a fridge breakdown this week, we are gradually getting back into the swing of things here in the kitchen.  We got our first order of produce from Joe Czajkowski Farm in Hadley, Ma.  Farmer Joe brought us carrot sticks, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and a special treat-peaches! The salad bar looked great this week.  
For our veggie pizza last Friday, I trekked out to our school greenhouse and harvested a nice bunch of basil for pesto.  We had pesto pizza with swiss chard and grape tomatoes.  
Today we had 90 students purchase school lunch-10 of whom chose the veggie pizza.  This is a great participation number for the first month of school, and I'm encouraged and excited for the rest of the year.  Have a great weekend everyone! 

Apple Cheddar
August 27, 2014

Welcome back to a new school year!  This year we are looking forward to working to improve our menu choices, increasing participation, and continuing to serve locally sourced fruits and vegetables.  

Our apples are coming from Pine Hill Orchard in Colrain, Massachusetts.  This week...Paula Reds! Crisp and delicious, these are a real treat on our Apple Cheddar Salad Bowl, with dried cranberries, cheddar cheese and a hard-boiled egg.