School Medication Policy
Our school district requires that a current, signed Medication Order form and a current, signed Parent/Guardian Consent form be on file in your child’shealth record before we begin to give any medicine at school. These forms are needed in order for us to comply with Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations and to ensure the health and safety of children who need medications during their school day. New forms are required for any medication every school year.

Contact your child’s doctor if you anticipate your child needing medication during the school day so s/he can fill out the required form. The forms are available in the nurse’s office or you can download them from this site. Please return them to the school nurse, along with your child’s medication, so we may begin to give it as soon as possible.

Please Note: All medications must be in its original pharmacy or manufacturer labeled container with your child’s name printed on it. Ask the pharmacy to provide separate bottles for home and school. We can only accept a thirty-day supply of medication at school. All medications must be transported to the nurse and/or returned home, by a parent/guardian and not by the child. If your child needs a prescription medication for less than 10 days (e.g. antibiotics), only a parent/guardian consent form is required, as long as the medicine is in a pharmacy labeled container with your child’s name on it.

Remember to pick up any medication on the last day of classes. Call the nurse’s office if this is not possible. Any medications remaining at school will be discarded unless other arrangements are made.

Thank you for your help.