COVID-19 Closure Resources

calm With everything that’s going on around us, it goes without saying that we’ve all been asked to cope with many sudden and challenging changes as of late. Given that any change in routine can be difficult for children, I’ve compiled a list of resources that may help you and your children better cope during this uncertain time. Of course, if you have specific questions or concerns, you can always reach out to me at     

Talking to Children About COVID-19

The National Association of School Psychologists recently published guidelines for talking with children about the coronavirus.

More suggestions from PBS on how to talk with young children about the coronavirus.

BrainPOP’s Tim and Moby created an excellent video that outlines information about the coronavirus in a kid-friendly way. Here's a beautifully written and informative children's book from local author Christine Borst.

Coping with Stress and Anxiety
Do your best to maintain a consistent routine with your children at home. A predictable routine can go a long way in preventing undue stress and anxiety. Some children may also benefit from a visual schedule outlining the specific activities of the day.

Calm, Headspace, and Breathly - Just Breathe are all apps that some children may find useful for resetting their minds and bodies during times of stress, or simply as a daily practice.

Encourage your children to stay connected with friends and family through phone calls, video chatting, and letter writing (yes, snail mail!). Creating cards, comics, artwork, etc. to mail to friends and family can also be a fun way to keep in touch with others.

Exercise! Exercise not only contributes to kids' physical health, but it is an important part of maintaining their mental health, as well. Shooting hoops in the driveway or taking a walk in the woods can do wonders for reducing stress and anxiety and improving mood.

Community Resources
Counseling/Therapy Does your child regularly work with a counselor or therapist in the community? If so, please be in touch with them to determine if they are still holding sessions or if they are able to check in with you or your child remotely.

Crisis Services If your child is at risk of hurting themselves or others, or you need to speak with a mental health professional right away, crisis services are available through Clinical and Support Options (CSO) and can be reached 24 hours per day at 413-774-5411. Crisis services are available to all individuals regardless of insurance or ability to pay.